Fedora Wiki

I started up the Fedora Wiki here on Wikia because it was sorely needed. Time will tell how successful this will be...

Contact info[]

Please do not e-mail me with spam, threats, or specific requests for troubleshooting. If you take issue with something on the wiki, note it on the offending section's talk section. If you need personalized support, do not e-mail me specifically; search first (either this wiki or google) and then try the Fedora Forums when you have exhausted your search avenues.

I have screen names for several instant messanging protocols. If you would like to contact me through one of these avenues, please e-mail me including your own screenname in the message so that I may authorize your name if necessary for the protocol; I have decided not to share these on the internet at large because of the number of people who have abused the privelege in the past.

I do not typically frequent IRC channels. I've a vague idea of how it works, but just don't use it often. If you'd like to chat over this medium, give me a channel I can meet you in.

About me[]

I am a computer science & networking student located in the United States. I have been using Linux for about a year and a half, and have used Fedora as my main distribution for most of that time. I also like Slackware and Arch Linux, and am constantly trying new distributions especially using VMware and Virtualbox.

My other interests include political anarchism, cryptology and cryptography, philosophy (especially epistemology) and horror literature (Stephen King, EA Poe, and especially H.P. Lovecraft).

Opinions on Linux[]

You know, I really am a KISS junky and it has caused me some consternation regarding Fedora in the past. I mainly stick with Fedora because 1) it is the only distro (other than Ubuntu, which I dislike) that gets all my laptop's hardware working out of the box and 2) I aim to be a Linux sysadmin someday, so I would like to keep in the loop regarding the "RedHat family."

Help needed...[]

Help with the wiki would be great; I've done a small amount of editing Wikipedia but I don't have an enormous amount of experience with editing wikis (I have certainly never administrated one), so first and foremost some expert wiki-ers would be great. Please don't hesitate to dig in - solid how-to content is especially needed, but images and a good Wikia theme would be great too. If you want some general direction, e-mail me and I might have some ideas. If there's any way I can help you get started, please hit me up using above contact info.